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Public policy

Public Policy

Government Innovation - National Halal Market Strategies - Economic Diversification Strategies - Digital Transformation

Our Impact

Public Policy Practice Leadership

Conor Clifford Murphy

Conor Clifford Murphy



Dr. Sayd Farook

Dr. Sayd Farook

Senior Partner

Oceania / GCC

Rafi-uddin Shikoh

Rafi-uddin Shikoh

CEO & Managing Partner

GCC / North America / ASEAN

How we help

Government Innovation

Develop government future innovation strategies based on digital innovations and future societal needs.

Digital Transformation

Develop roadmap for digital transformation and accelerating the adoption of technology for improved impact.

National Halal Market Strategies

Develop national halal economy export strategies and action plans.

Economic Diversification Strategies

Develop strategies to revitalize national economies through diversification.

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