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A leading freezone in the GCC region


Develop a strategy that will expand the freezone’s customer base with a unique Halal market proposition

  • Benchmark global freezone’s with Halal market propositions and strategy

  • Identify most opportune sectors and target markets to attract tenants from related to Halal economy trade

  • Baseline freezone’s competitiveness and areas of best fit

  • Develop strategy linked to actionable initiatives

  • Expert interviews

  • Leveraged DinarStandard’s proprietary Halal trade opportunity intersection analysis

  • Iterative reviews with client team in reviewing developing strategy


Launched a major global Halal economy trade support proposition at the free zone that has generated over 20 leads and two clients its first year of establishment.

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Develop a market proposition and 5-year strategy to attract Halal products trade related tenants for the freezone

Halal Trade Strategy

Halal Trade Strategy

Developed a Halal economy strategy for a GCC based Freezone to expand it business reach and attract FDI for the country.

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