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Digital economy specialized in the Halal Food industry


Set a strategy for identifying the best fit among investors across core categories: mainstream, Islamic Economy and financial candidates. Engage expressions of interest providing ongoing support to facilitate transaction finalization

  • Conduct secondary research on the existing landscape

  • Tap into DinarStandard`s in-house Islamic Economy knowledge and expertise

  • Engage potential investors both within as well as outside of DinarStandard`s network

  • Conducted extensive secondary research to support landscaping, case study identification, and to supplement existing work undertaken in preparing investor materials

  • Used DinarStandard`s IP to identify potential investors

  • Reached out to investor candidates that serve as an extension to the existing DinarStandard network

  • Communicated value propositions to investors and in finalizing transactions


Generated 20 qualified investor leads, including three advanced investment discussions.

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Investment Support

Investment Support

Providing investment support to a US-based Halal company.

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