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The Global Government Services Handbook 2023

The Global Government Services Handbook 2023 was released at the 2023 World Government Summit. The handbook was produced to fill a gap by...

The Global Government Services Handbook 2023 was released at the 2023 World Government Summit. The handbook was produced to fill a gap by providing a best-practices and future foresight driven roadmap for government services excellence. The Handbook provides a first-of-its-kind government service customer satisfaction benchmark survey, an original Government Service Excellence Maturity framework, and 14 concrete recommendations, along with step-by-step strategy checklists.

The Voice of Citizens: Exclusive Global Survey

The survey sample consisted of 2900 respondents from 29 leading and emerging countries across the globe. 56% of the respondents were ‘satisfied’ or ’very satisfied’ with their government services (amongst 15 aggregated government services.) Top of the list of government service satisfaction was ‘applying for identity documents and vital records.’ The top frustration across all government service areas (grouped by 9 frustration types) was that the ‘process takes a long time to complete.’ On the flip side, the top area respondents want governments to address and exceed expectations in was to ‘complete the process in 15 minutes or less’.

Ten best practice countries are also profiled based on the report’s expert interviews and other research-based analyses to understand government service excellence practices of select high-performance government service countries. The countries profiled (in no particular order) are: Singapore, Denmark, Estonia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The report also presents a view on the future of government services (next 5-10 years). The future of government services is projected to be fast, convenient, user-friendly, secure, anticipatory, and inclusive. Within 10 years, we expect to see the following in government services: Increased cybersecurity, secure platforms, logins, private data protection, and digital payments; sophisticated data analytics to improve customer experience; new service delivery methods, e.g., digital assistants 2.0, metaverse, AR; a step toward strengthening citizen trust through government services; inclusive government services that include all customer segments and digital appetites.

Government Services Excellence Maturity Model (GSEMM)

Strategic Opportunities/ Roadmap

Addressing the gap in the lack of a structured roadmap for government officials on driving government service excellence, the report introduces an original Government Service Excellence Maturity framework. It consists of four stages of a government’s service maturity – starting with prioritizing government service reformation, then building internal and external structural transformation, then satisfying customers, and finally, delighting customers. Each stage highlights major and minor opportunity areas that are prioritized across customer-facing and internal areas to elevate customer satisfaction through government services.


Wed Feb 15 2023

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