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July 29, 2012:  A new ground-breaking study titled, Global Muslim Lifestyle Travel Market: Landscape & Consumer Needs, shows that Muslim tourists globally represent a major niche market worth $126.1 billion in 2011, and growing another 4.8% through 2020, compared to the global average of 3.8%.  In a challenging global economic environment, the study highlights how airlines, tourism destinations, and hotels/resorts can benefit by engaging with a market that has a young demographic, is growing in affluence, and is increasingly asserting its unique needs on the tourism industry.

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Consider this:

  • Australia’s Gold Coast is attracting Muslim tourists by offering a Gold Coast Ramadan Lounge
  • In Thailand, spa-outlets have introduced the concept of Muslim-friendly spas in a bid to lure tourists from the Middle East
  • Global Health City, in Chennai, India, has gotten halal-certified to better serve its growing medical tourists from Muslim countries
  • Even in Muslim majority destinations, hotels/resorts such as De Palma Group of Hotels in Malaysia, Al Jawhara Hotel in Dubai, Amer Group of Resorts in Egypt, and Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Turkey are offering Muslim lifestyle-centric services
  • Airlines and tourist destinations are just beginning to pay attention to this growing demographic
DinarStandard Crescentrating Travel Study

Chart:  Outbound Tourism Expenditure, 2006-2017 (in USD millions)

However, as this study shows, there is a multi-billion dollar customer base whose latent needs are yet to be met by the tourism industry.  Muslim tourists may very well be the largest un-tapped niche market of the global tourism industry.

  • This study estimates that the global Muslim tourism market in 2011 was $126.1 billion in outbound expenditure (excluding core religious travel expenditure of Hajj and Umrah, but including leisure, business, and other tourism segments).
  • This expenditure is 12.3% of the total global outbound tourism expenditure in 2011 of $1,034 billion as estimated by the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
  • Comparatively, this Muslim tourism market as a whole is larger than the largest spending tourist market in the world – Germany – and almost twice that of China’s in 2011.
  • MENA markets represent 60% of the total global Muslim tourist outbound expenditure in 2011.
  • The top outbound Muslim tourism source in 2011 was Saudi Arabia, followed by Iran, UAE, Indonesia and Kuwait.
  • Muslim communities living in non-Muslim countries also have a sizable outbound tourism expenditure share.  The largest of these markets are in Germany, Russia, France and the UK.
  • The top destinations for Muslim tourists are Malaysia, Turkey, and UAE.  They are followed by Singapore, Russia, China, France, Thailand and Italy.
  • When asked,”Which of the following are important to you when travelling for leisure?”,  the top answers were, “halal food” (67%), “overall price” (53%), and “Muslim-friendly experience” (49%).

DinarStandard, a US-based marketing research and advisory firm focused on the Muslim markets, has partnered with the largest halal-friendly travel website, CrescentRating.com, to produce a first-ever ‘Global Muslim Lifestyle Travel Market: Landscape & Consumer Needs Study’ covering the largest outbound and inbound Muslim travel markets globally.


Download the free Executive Summary (see right column) or purchase full study.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Study Purpose, Scope & Approach
  4. Global Tourism Market Trends & Context
  5. Global Muslim Tourism Market Opportunity
    1. General Demographic (Ppn; Age; Income)
    2. Relevance to travel market
    3. Muslim Tourism market size
    4. Top Outbound markets (Profile of top 5; data on top 50 )
    5. Top Inbound markets (Profile on top 5; data on top 50)
    6. Muslim Tourism growth trends & projections
  6. Consumer Survey Results
    1. Survey – Tourist profile
    2. Survey – Destination selection & activities
    3. Survey – Lodging experience (Room, Hotel, Other)
    4. Survey – Air transportation experience
  7. Current best practices and key players
    1. Airlines (examples: Emirates, Saudi, Malaysia, Thai Airways others )
    2. Hotels/ Resorts (Al Jawhara – UAE; Amer Group – Egypt; De Palma Group – Malaysia; Hotel Orient – India; Others from Turkey, Thailand, Singapore)
    3. Destinations (Munich Airport, Thailand, Australia’s Gold Coast, Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, others)
    4. Unique niche offerings (Halal Health city – India; Muslim friendly spas – Thailand; Islamic theme tour packages – US/UK/Malaysia)
  8. Recommended strategies
    1. Recommended customization levels
    2. Recommendations for Airlines
    3. Recommendations for Hotels
    4. Recommendations for Destinations
  9. Appendix
    1. Muslim Population by Country
    2. Muslim tourist outbound expenditure estimate by country (2006-2017, 120+ countries)
    3. Muslim tourist top 50 inbound markets by # visitors (Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Uzbekistan, Yemen)
    4. Survey Full Summary
    5. Terminology

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