Our Non-profit/NGO focus areas are:

  • Non-Profit Strategic planning
  • Community/target audience needs assessment
  • HR Strategy & Execution plan
  • Waqf (endowment) strategy
  • Financial model evaluation
  • Connectivity with Islamic lifestyle market

DinarStandard Services


Client work:

  • Awqaf/ Endowment Strategy (Client work)
  • HR Organization Design & Implementation Strategy (Client work)
  • Business/Investment Plan (Client work)
  • Opportunity Study for NGO’s  on women employment, governance, labor rights  (Client work)
  • Community Needs Assessment (Client work)
  • Inspiring Purposeful Creativity workshop (for school administrators/teachers and students.) – Pro-bono
  • Non-Profit Strategic planning workshop – Pro-bono


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* Source: An Overview of the Nonprofit and Charitable Sector, Congressional Research Service, 2009