I came across this ad today; the Arabic copy reads, “A revolutionary taste”.  Mo’men, a  fast food restaurant in Egypt,  is a truly Egyptian brand, having started as a modest food cart on the streets of Cairo. Now 57 restaurants strong, and serving over ten million customers a year, Mo’men is quick to show its patriotism with this ad.

(By the way, my post title intends no reference to the American  “Freedom Fries” euphemism which was seen on the menus of restaurants displeased with France’s opposition to the war in Iraq.)

It’s interesting to juxtapose how Mo’men wants to position itself with KFC’s perceived positioning throughout the revolution. State television accused protestors of being foreign agents, seduced by free KFC meals that were being handed out at the square. Later in the revolution, KFC became a symbol of oppression; as it was believed the old regime’s hired thugs were given 100 Egyptian pounds and a KFC meal to terrorize protestors.

I wonder what other consumer brands will jump on the bandwagon of Egyptian Revolution values. Do you know of any other brands that already have?


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