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From the world’s largest food manufacturer, Nestle’s 150 Halal certified factories worldwide to the popular Halal food1 carts on the streets of Manhattan, Halal food is a large segment serving the global Muslim population while also gaining attention of a wider global audience.

Muslim consumers globally spent $1,088 billion in food and beverage (f&b) consumption in 2012 which is 16.6% of global expenditure.  This expenditure is expected to grow to $1,626 billion market by 2018.  This represents the Halal food potential market world-wide within its core Muslim consumer market.

Top countries with Muslim consumer food consumption are Indonesia ($197 bill), Turkey ($100 bill), Pakistan ($93 bill) and Egypt ($88 bill) based on 2012 data.   Collective global Muslim f&b market is larger than the largest food consuming national market of China.

Correction: Food & Beverage Infographic “Top Export Countries to OIC Countries: Meat & Live Animals” table is incorrect.  The table represents “Top Export Countries to OIC Countries: Meat & Live Animals.”  Correct “Top Export Countries to OIC Countries: Meat & Live Animals” are: Brazil, India, Australia, USA, and France

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Additionally, for the Food & Beverage sector the Report covers:

  • Key challenges & specific opportunities
  • Convergence opportunities among Islamic economy sectors
  • Innovation Imperative
  • Industry Interviews
  • Centers of the Islamic Economy
  • Strategy Frameworks & Checklists

Other sector highlights:  Food & Beverage;  Islamic Finance;  Travel;  Fashion;  Media/ Recreation;  Pharmaceutical;  Cosmetics/ Personal care


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1 Food permitted per Islamic dietary guidelines from the Qu’ran. Muslim followers cannot consume: pork or pork by products, animals that were dead prior to slaughtering, animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of God, blood and blood by products, alcohol, carnivorous animals, birds of prey.

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