(Part of the full ‘State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2013‘)

This Report estimates global Muslim spending on Cosmetics/Personal care products to be $26 billion in 2012.   This expenditure is expected to grow to $39 billion by 2018 representing 7% of global Cosmetics expenditure. Top countries with Muslim consumer’s cosmetic expenditure are: Turkey ($4.4 billion), The United Arab Emirates ($4.3 billion), France ($1.7 billion), Russia ($1.6 billion) and Egypt ($1.6 billion).


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Download the full free Report here (PDF 18 MB).

Additionally, for Cosmetics/ Personal Care sector, the Report covers:

  • Key challenges & specific opportunities
  • Convergence opportunities among Islamic economy sectors
  • Innovation Imperative
  • Industry Interviews
  • Centers of the Islamic Economy
  • Strategy Frameworks & Checklists

Other sector highlights:  Food & Beverage Islamic Finance;  Travel;  Fashion;  Media/ Recreation;  Pharmaceutical;  Cosmetics/ Personal care

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