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Islam inspired modest clothing is taking off from Indonesia to the United States.  This market for Muslims is very much part of the vast global clothing and accessories industry and value-chain.  Muslim populations extending from the far West to the far East, are estimated to have spent a total of $224 billion on ‘clothing & footwear’ in 2012.    This expenditure represents 10.6% of global expenditure and is estimated to reach $322 billion by 2018.

Top countries with Muslim consumers clothing consumption (based on 2012 data) are Turkey ($25 billion), Iran ($21 billion), Indonesia ($17 billion), Egypt ($16 billion), Saudi Arabia ($15 billion) and Pakistan ($14 billion) based on 2012 data.  Collectively this clothing consumer market is only second after the largest market in the world—the United States ($494 billion in spending, 2012.)

DinarStandard Fashion Industry Muslim Consumers


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Download the full free Report here (PDF 18 MB).

Additionally, for the Clothing/ Fashion sector, the Report covers:

  • Key challenges & specific opportunities
  • Convergence opportunities among Islamic economy sectors
  • Innovation Imperative
  • Industry Interviews
  • Centers of the Islamic Economy
  • Strategy Frameworks & Checklists

Other sector highlights:  Food & Beverage;  Islamic Finance;  Travel;  Fashion;  Media/ Recreation;  Pharmaceutical;  Cosmetics/ Personal care


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