The 57 mostly Muslim-majority member countries of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) are an increasingly interconnected market-place by virtue of the fast growing Islamic finance/capital activity, a young demographic whose consumption choices are increasingly faith based in the form of Halal food and related lifestyle sectors, and the intra-OIC trade and investments being led by the multilateral Islamic Development Bank. Collectively these economies had a GDP (current) in 2013 of $6.7 trillion with many of these economies being fast growing global growth markets.

Below is the inaugural listing of top 30 Islamic Growth Markets from among the 57 OIC member countries based on a set of nine metrics. These metrics cover the categories of a country’s
growth fundamentals, growth momentum, investment momentum and relative country risk. Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE lead this list. Other markets on the top 10 include Kazakhstan, Morocco, and Mozambique.

2015 Top 30 Islamic Investment Growth Markets

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