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Jan 30, 2016AljazeeraInside the booming Muslim fashion industry
Jan 28, 2016Khaleej TimesHalal food and lifestyle market to reach US$ 3.7 trillion by 2019: Report
Jan 19, 2016ZawyaAcademic Support is Key in Promoting Regional Islamic Economy
Dec 10, 2015TTN WorldWideThe Buzz Around Halal
Dec 9, 2015ZawyaUnified global halal food standards in focus
Dec 3, 2015South African Tourism NewsHow to attract Muslim tourists
Oct 31, 2015Khaleej TimesSocial media providing platform to promote Islamic fashion
Oct 23, 2015Onuitalia (Italian)Halal e Kosher, il cibo come incontro tra civiltà, cooperazione e business
Oct 20, 2015NBC News'Halal' Tourism Takes Off as Travel Companies Cater to Muslim Faithful
Oct 19, 2015Al Kanz (French)Tourisme halal : Abu Dhabi a son salon, Al-Kanz partenaire
Oct 13, 2015Gulf TimesThere is a market for an international halal brand
Oct 13, 2015ZawyaGCC Tourist Spending to Top USD 70 Billion Over Next Five Years
Oct 6, 2015MENA Financial NetworkDubai Chamber study explores untapped Islamic economy potential of the African market
Oct 4, 2015Gulf NewsRising star on the global scene
Oct 4, 2015Malay Mail OnlineBig demand for stylish modest fashion as more Malaysian Muslim women don hijabs
Oct 4, 2015Gulf NewsIslamic economy makes its mark
Oct 3, 2015 Tech In AsiaIslam: the most untapped opportunity in tech
Oct 1, 2015Travel and Tourism News WorldwideDiving into the halal market
Sep 23, 2015Khaleej TimesGlobal halal food, lifestyle to grow 6% by 2020, says report
Sep 14, 2015Khaleej TimesMuslim spending growth to outpace rest of digital economy
Sep 13, 2015CPI FinancialDSOA and Thomson Reuters reveal findings of Digital Islamic Economy Report 2015
Sep 13, 2015Gulf TimesMuslim consumers contribute $107bn to global digital economy
Sep 11, 2015Daily SabahCultural heritage to make Turkey a haven for halal tourism
Aug 11, 2015Zawya'State of the Global Islamic Economy' Report and Indicator 2015-2016 highlight growth milestones
Aug 4, 2015 Hurriyet World’s most popular Muslim fashion e-commerce website in Turkey
Jul 16, 2015Oriental Daily (Chinese)清真旅游產业
Jul 15, 2015Huffington Post (Japanese)2020年に100万人超!訪日ムスリム旅行者をどう受け入れる?
Jul 13, 2015Global Indonesian VoicesThe Ramadan Economy
Jul 3, 2015 The Guardian The costs of Ramadan need to be counted
Jun 21, 2015 Gulf NewsWelcoming the golden age of the Islamic economy
Jun 18, 2015Arabian AerospaceFrom sunrise to sunset: discreet VIP aviation during Ramadan
Jun 1, 2015Yeni SafakCEOs at forefront of Islamic business
May 29, 2015Arabian BusinessLeap of faith: the growth of Halal tourism
May 22, 2015Gulf Daily NewsBIBF-DinarStandard to launch key programme
May 6, 2015OZYHijab Couture Goes Haute
May 6, 2015Financial AdvisorIslam Meets Wall Street
May 4, 2015Bloomberg BusinessweekIslamic Finance Tries On Islamic Fashion
Apr 24, 2015Tech In AsiaTowards a global Muslim startup ecology: 11 most innovative Asian Muslim startups
Apr 21, 2015Khaleej TimesDubai approves new Islamic economy initiatives
Apr 14, 2015CNN (Arabic)شيكو: المسلمون ربع سكان العالم و6 من شركاتهم فقط بقائمة العمالقة.. وتراجع النفط قد يكون نقمة تحمل نعمة
Apr 14, 2014Hurriyet (Turkish)Helal gıda pazarı 237 milyar dolar olacak
Apr 10, 2015 Gulf NewsIslamic fashion’s expanding market attracts Sharia financiers
Apr 9, 2015Just-FoodThe halal food challenge in the Middle East
Apr 9, 2015Business InsiderThe Islamic fashion business is booming
Apr 2, 2015ZawyaOnline training as a revenue model for academic institutions - A case study

Apr 1, 2015Detik (Indonesian) Pasar Ekonomi Halal Kini Kuasai 12 Persen Pasar Global
Mar 16, 2015ZawyaMore than a million tourists from the Muslim world visited Spain in 2014
Mar 11, 2015Al ArabiyaRising Islamophobia ‘threat to UK tourism, investment’
Mar 9, 2015Morocco World NewsMorocco in Top 10 Countries in ‘2015 Islamic Growth Markets Investment Index’
Mar 6, 2015The ConversationIslamic finance’s global surge remains a missed opportunity for banks in US and Canada
Mar 4, 2015Daily SabahTurkish economy 2nd biggest among Islamic countries
Mar 4, 2015Haberler (Turkish)İslam Ülkeleri İçin Büyüme Tahmini Yüzde 5,4

Mar 4, 2015ZawyaBIBF Partners with Dinar Standard to offer the region's First Islamic Finance and Muslim Lifestyle Sectors Convergence Training Programme
Mar 3, 2015Khaleej TimesUAE high in Organisation of Islamic Cooperation index
Mar 2, 2015ZawyaMalaysia, Indonesia & UAE leads 57 OIC countries in the investment index
Feb 9, 2015TimeInvesting Options Grow for Muslims
Feb 6, 2015Reuters How advisers can help Muslim clients invest with faith
Jan 20, 2015Yeni Safak (Turkish)Körfez fonları Türkiye yolunda
Jan 19, 2015Dunya (Turkish)Körfez ülkeleri yatırımları Türkiye'ye kayabilir
Jan 19, 2015 Fortune (Turkish)
'Körfez ülkeleri yatırımlarını Türkiye'ye kaydırabilir'
Jan 8, 2015Trade ArabiaExpert calls for a new investment view on Islamic economies
Dec 14, 2014 CNBCThis fashion sector has a huge market gap
Dec 8, 2014Khaleej TimesUAE leads Islamic economy index
Nov 20, 2014The Muslim ObserverMuslim Buying Power: New consumer survey highlights Muslim American spending power, increased demand for ethical Islamic goods
Nov 18, 2014Welt (German)In diesem Hotel gelten die Regeln der Scharia; Scharia-kompatibler Tourismus, ein gutes Konzept
Nov 17, 2014Redattore Sociale (Italian)Islam, il mercato "halal" è un'opportunità economica. Ma l'Italia è assente (Italy)
Nov 3, 2014The Jakarta PostIndonesia lags behind in Islamic economy
Oct 29, 2014Gulf NewsHalal food producers urged to be more transparent
Oct 13, 2014EL PAÍSSpain’s appeal to Muslim tourists
July 8, 2014Entrepreneur Middle EastInvestments In The Global Halal Industry: Exploring Faith-inspired Consumerism
Apr 14, 2014ZawyaIF expert to lead DinarStandard's role in convergence of $1.62 trillion global halal economy
Mar 9, 2014Khaleej TimesDinarStandard views on "Dubai Capital of Islamic Economy" Initiative
Feb 4, 2014Travel Trade Gazette TTG MENA Halal Lifestyle Market Interview
Nov-Dec 2013Reuters, Huffington Post, Khaleej Times, CPIState of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2013 - Reuters - Khaleej Times; CPI Financial; Huffington Post; Vision magazine
June-Nov 2012CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, AFPGlobal Muslim Lifestyle Tourism Market Study 2012 - CNN; BBC; Al Jazeera; AFP
Apr 11, 2012Huffington PostMuslim Growth Is Good For Muslim Businesses, Marketing
Nov-Dec 2011Washington Post, CNNAmerican Muslim Market Study 2011 - US Media coverageWashingtonPostPopular BlogCNN
Dec 8, 2011Detroit NewsCar campaigns for all consumers
Oct 10, 2011Arab NewsIslamic Finance Forum at George Washington University
Jan 29, 2011Arab NewsAramco retains top spot in DS100 list
Dec 16, 2010BusinessNewEuropeTurkey fashions a slice of international Muslim lifestyle market
Jul 9, 2010BrandchannelBrands Reach Out to U.S. Muslims
Jul 3, 2010HuffingtonPostMuslims See A Ramadan Rally For Stocks, Investments
Jan 25, 2010LA TimesMarketing to Muslims poses a challenge for retailers
Aug 26, 2010BBCWhy are there so few Muslim companies that make it onto the list of the very biggest brands
Sep 3, 2010BI-Middle eastA new 'Pulse of OIC Islamic Capital Markets' report released
Aug 31, 2010ZawyaIIRA and DS Assess the Pulse of OIC Capital Markets
Feb 8, 2010ArabNewsIslamic finance and social responsibility
Jan 2, 2010Islamic Finance ResourceSocial Responsibility Trends at Islamic Financial Institutions
Jan 31, 2010ZawyaFirst of its kind social responsibility report on Islamic Financial Institutions released
Feb 1, 2010Sharing Risk dot OrgIslamic finance & SRI
Mar, 2009GEO NewsTezee Mandee Interview (Video - to be added soon)
Feb 16, 2009Yeni Safak (Turkey)İslam dünyasının 100 büyük şirketi
Feb 15, 2009The Brunei timesTurkey, M'sia firms lead DS100 ranking
Apr, Video InterviewTop 100 Companies in Muslim World
Jan 30, 2008KazInform (Kazakhstan)Aramco ranked No. 1 in the Muslim world
Jun 4, 2007BrandChannelWhere are the "Muslim" Brands?
Dec, 2004The EconomistBeyond petroleum: A new ranking of Muslim firms
Feb, 2006Yeni Safak (Turkey)İslam dünyasının dev markaları Türkiye'den
Dec 25, 2005Dawn (Pakistan)Corporate environment improving in Muslim world
Dec 21, 2004European Business ReviewIslam and business


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April 14th, 2014
  • Indonesia’s Halal food and lifestyle market largest in the world and projected to reach USD 398 bn
April 14th, 2014
  • Turkey’s Halal food and lifestyle market projected to reach USD 237 bn

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