In a tough global environment, continuous innovation is the key to wielding effective leadership and ultimately, the survival of a firm. Based on extensive research of best practices in global innovation and unique Muslim market business environment perspectives, we deliver programs that recognize cultural nuances to bring to life an innovation driven corporate environment.

Recipe for Innovation and Making it Real!

Objective:  This program delivers practical approaches to implementing world-class innovation practices.

Audience & Format: Executives and Senior managers who desire to implement innovation as a strategic priority.  These workshops are a minimum one-day working session (2-day and 3-day sessions enable client specific innovation priority outputs.)   Caution: Requires open-mindedness and executive commitment.

Topics that drive this workshop:

  • Prioritizing the innovation menu (Business model, Process, Offering, Channel, Customer Experience.)
  • Your whole organization as an ‘Innovation Kitchen.’
  • Sourcing ideas.  Tools and techniques for identifying ‘Blue Ocean’ opportunities (environment, customer analytics, observations, co-creation, other.)
  • Planning and implementing innovation initiatives. (big / small)
  • The Secret sauce: Understanding innovation culture and environment enablers and addressing your gaps within.
  • Check please!  Budgeting & measuring Innovation.

Creativity Rehabilitation℠:

Objective:  An impediment to successful innovation program is your teams inability to exercise it.  This program addresses the chronic problem of the lack of world-class business creativity and critical thinking across developing markets.  The Workshop aims to create awareness of the innovation process and develop practical business creativity skills while recognizing and leveraging cultural nuances*.

Audience & Format:  Attendees from all levels within an organization.    This workshop is a minimum one-day working session (2-day sessions enable enhanced skills building)   Caution: Also requires open-mindedness and executive commitment.

Topics that drive this workshop:

  • Relevance of creativity in business and global best-practices.
  • Rating your creativity quotient.
  • Overcoming the fear of failure from the ranks, and eradicating a culture of punishing mistakes.
  • Practical tips and techniques on developing an innovation habit.
  • Unleashing your inner creativity (rehabilitation routine.)
  • Applying creativity in your business environment (Design thinking, Blue Ocean, problem solving, customer experience, etc.)
  • Leaders & Managers Module: The program provides institutions with a support plan to unleash their creativity and best nurture it in their environments.

Embracing Digital Innovation:

Objective: This workshop presents the various models in which digital tools (mobile and web engagements, social media, co-creation) are becoming the ultimate innovation generating tools with real business value.

Audience & Format: Executives and Senior managers.  This workshop is a minimum one-day working session (2-day sessions enable client specific digital innovation priority outputs.)   Topics that drive this workshop:

  • Successful global digital business models– case studies and strategies.
  • Incorporating digital media across the full business value chain.
  • Key methods: Social-CRM, co-creation, self-service, micro-payments, pay-for-service, digital credits, digital-marketing, email, SEO, social media.
  • Key tools: Mobile Apps, Twitter, Facebook, cloud-computing, other.
  • Prioritization and focus (relating digital tools with target audience profiles, business objectives.)
  • Effective metrics/ performance management.

Market Studies:

  • Innovation in OIC markets
  • Book References: Innovation Clusters