Clients/ Experience

A select list of our distinguished clients are as follows:

This is ‘McKinsey’ quality work.
– Saudi Arabia based major hospitality property developer on DinarStandard growth startegy advisory

This DinarStandard Report should be in front of top 500 companies.
Gwen Kelly, Senior Marketing Mgr. Walmart speaking at the American Muslim Consumer Conference

Our growth strategy solutions focus on following functional areas & sectors:

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Market Studies

A key area of our work is producing custom & public Market Studies.  DinarStandard publishes select market studies that are commissioned by clients as part of their marketing efforts.  We also produce select market studies and thought leadership for the industry.  Click here to see these reports.

Financial Services (Ethical/ Islamic) >

  Client work/ Market Reports:
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  • Private Equity firm 3-5 year strategy – Bahrain based  (Client work)
  • Social Investment Bank business plan – UAE based (Client work)
  • Islamic Finance Sector Investment Pipeline (Client work)
  • PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) Opportunity analysis (Client work)
  • Tunisia Islamic Finance Opportunity – 2013 (Commissioned Report)
  • Pulse of the OIC Islamic Capital Markets (Commissioned Report)
  • CSR Trends Survey: Islamic Financial Institutions – 2009 (Public Report)

Food (Ethical/ Halal) >

Client work/ Market Reports:
  • Investment Strategy across Global Halal Food Value Chain for a Private Equity Firm (Client work)
  • Europe Halal market expansion analysis (Client work)
  • State of the Global Islamic Economy – Halal food focus (Commissioned Report, Dec 2013)
  • Global Food Crisis & Opportunities in OIC Countries (Public Report)
  • American Muslim Consumer Market Report (Report)

Travel & Hospitality >

  Client work/ Market Reports:
  • Global Muslim Lifestyle Tourism Market 2012: Landscape & Consumer Needs Study (Report)
  • Market Intelligence and marketing strategy for hospitality real estate developer in Mecca. (Client work)
  • Hajj & Umrah market analysis (Client work)
  • Travel portal marketing plan and campaign (Client work)
  • Muslim travel market opportunity workshop (Client work)

Non-Profits >

Select Past or Current Clients: Client work/ Market Reports:
  • HR Organization Design & Implementation Strategy (Client work)
  • Business/Investment Plan (Client work)
  • Opportunity Study for NGO’s  on women employment, governance, labor rights  (Client work)
  • Community Needs Assessment (Client work)


Select Past or Current Clients: Client work/ Market Reports:
  • Ministry of Labor, GCC country
  • Ministry of Industry, SE Asia country
  • A Corporate Lawfirm, USA
  • A Pan Arab TV Channel, UAE
  • A Solar PV Manufacturer, Saudi Arabia
  • Exxodus Pictures, USA
  • Business/ investment plan
  • Marketing strategy & implementation
  • Market opportunity study
  • Targeted Marketing Campaign