Basics of the OIC Economies – Islamic Growth Markets Investment Outlook 2015

The 57 mostly Muslim-majority member countries of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) represent a collective GDP (current) in 2013 of $6.7 trillion and are projected to grow 2015-19 at a higher rate than rest of the world or BRIC nations. (OIC markets 5.4% versus rest of world (ROW) 3.6% and BRICS 3.9%.) See the infographic below.

Driving investment confidence in this market is the demographic dividend of a large and young 1.6 billion OIC markets populace, growing at twice the rate of global population — with a rising middle-class and major government infrastructure/diversification spending drives. Investment activity continues to grow with major greenfield infrastructure investments as well in fast maturing domestic companies from these markets.

Basics of the OIC Economies

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