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Productivity in Ramadan Study: Methodology & Profile

Methodology & Respondent Profile: Next: RESULTS (Spirituality)   or Goto: Download PDF Copy Data Collection: The 2011 Productivity in Ramadan survey was conducted between June 28, 2011 and July 10, 2011, ending before the start of Ramadan 2011.  The survey was conducted online in the English language only and marketed to Muslims in five key Muslim-majority countries […]

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Productivity in Ramadan: 2011 Survey Based Report

Download PDF copy or read online Purpose of study:  Develop a fact-based assessment of the state of productivity during Ramadan across the Muslim world and offer a framework for improving productivity  for individuals, businesses and government institutions. For the estimated 700+ million Muslim workforce globally,  the sacred month of Ramadan has tremendous impact on their work-life […]

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Relief Agency Marketing Campaigns

  The current crisis in Somalia and urgent appeals by aid agencies leads me to examine the nature of marketing campaigns launched by those agencies and how they resemble or differ from campaigns for products and services. Some non-profits believe that because they’re not in the business of selling products and services that they’re not […]

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Productivity in Ramadan Study: Exec Summary

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Next: Religious Context  Goto Download PDF Copy This groundbreaking study presents a fact-based assessment of the state of productivity during Ramadan across the world and offers recommendations for improving productivity of individuals, businesses and government institutions.  The study includes 1), a survey that benchmarks actual Ramadan practices and Muslims’ expectations, and 2) an assessment of governmental […]

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Productivity in Ramadan Study: Recommendations (for Governments)

Next: Expert CommentaryGoto: Table of Content, orDownload PDF Copy Insights & recommendations for governments: Governments in many OIC countries set the tone for productivity across all institutions within their countries. Our work-hour analysis shows a few different approaches of some OIC countries, which opens the question as to which models are most effective in delivering the right […]

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